Costa Rica Sonnenuntergang Landscape

Hi there, I am happy to present my unprofessional and sometimes unpopular opinion about destinations I travel. Moreover, I share some tips & tricks from my daily life as a digital nomad. 

All pictures I take with my iPhone 13. Sometimes I do a bit editing. But not really!  Wanna know more about me? click here

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Costa Rica

Here are my first blogs about Costa Rica. Don’t panic, there is more to come. Next will be more places in Costa Rica and how we travelled Europe by land. Stay excited! 

Digital Nomad

I try to share some insights in the life we have as Digital Nomads. However, I think it’s different for everyone and there are many ways how you can be a Digital Nomad. 

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Follow me for more nonsense. Mostly Sunsets, Travel & Animals. 

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